The beautiful tiger, largest of the sizable cats, is a closely muscled, noteworthy predator that stalks and ambushes astronomical prey, camouflaged by its stripy coat. Now not like tons of cats, tigers are appropriate swimmers and in most cases cold off in lakes and streams at some stage within the warmth of the day. Sadly, they were pushed to the fringe of existence through hunting and habitat loss, with three of the eight subspecies already extinct, and the tons of subspecies at high risk.

Have you realize?
A tiger’s stripes are adore a human fingerprint, no two tigers just like the a similar pattern.


The following habitats are stumbled on at some stage within the Tiger distribution differ. Safe out extra about these environments, what it takes to dwell there and what else inhabits them.


Leer what these behaviours
are and the device tons of vegetation and animals use them.

Additional records source: Animal Vary Internet

Conservation Space


  1. EX
    – Extinct
  2. EW
  3. CR
    – Threatened
  4. EN
    – Threatened
  5. VU
    – Threatened
  6. NT
  7. LC
    – Least pain

Inhabitants pattern: Reducing

Year assessed: 2008

Categorized by: IUCN

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