Vitamins & MineralsNature provides many cures and treatments for ailments of all kinds. Each region has its own native plants that are used in alternative medicine.
When buying herbs for medicinal purposes, it is suggested that you use herbs from an herbal shop. Herb strength varies depending on the way in which they are grown, so until you are familiar with growing techniques for medicinal herbs, purchasing from a professional is recommended.
The following list provides herbal cures to common ailments:

Acne and skin blemishes.Acne and skin blemishes.
Wash your face and rub a clove of garlic that has been cut in half. Or, mix lavender with witch hazel at a 1:10 ratio. Tea tree oil can be substituted in place of the lavender.
Anxiety and stress.
Lavender pure essential oil soaked onto a cotton cloth, heated, and folded into a compress. Apply to head or neck.
Bruises and contusions.
Boil hyssop flowers and leaves into a tincture. Filter liquid, and soak a cotton compress. Apply to bruised area by applying pressure. The hyssop, heat and pressure combination will reduce the bruise.
Minor burns can be treated with comfrey or aloe juice. Simply rub aloe juice into burned area. Comfrey can be crushed into a fine powder, mixed with equal parts of melted beeswax, and added to vegetable oil. Simmer over low heat for 20 minutes, and then strain mixture.
Either use a cut piece of garlic, placed directly on the wart or, for a less odorous cure, try dandelion juice applied repeatedly throughout the day.

Herbal RemediesHerbal Teas
An age old remedy, herbal teas are used to soothe and relive pain and stress. Many teas are actually a tincture rather than a tea. A tincture is a thicker tea that is herb-dense and is infused instead of steeped.
The following list is a list of conditions and herbal tea remedies:
Drink a tincture made from boiled stinging nettle leaves.
Drink a tincture of devil’s claw, juniper, birch, or celery seed (not the type on your spice rack).
Chemotherapy side effects.
Drink a tincture of Siberian ginseng root. It soothes the insides and relieves fatigue.
Colic in babies.
Add less than 10 drops of dill and fennel tincture to their bottle.
Drink a liter of rhubarb root per day.
Drink a tea made from garlic bulbs and ribwort leaves.
Drink a tincture daily made from the ground up oat plant and St. John’s wart flowers.
Drink a hot tea made of lemon balm, yarrow, and ginger.
Drink a tea made of caraway, fennel, ginger, and peppermint.
Flu symptoms.
Drink a tincture made of Echinacea, yarrow, and catnip.

Vitamins & MineralsVitamins & Minerals
Taking a vitamin supplement is not a substitution for eating healthfully. However, it does serve as insurance to be certain that you are getting all of the vitamins and minerals that your body needs.
Vitamins are essential to the optimized functioning of your body. Without sufficient vitamins, for example, your blood will not clot. You need vitamins to fight colds, and boost your immune system.
It is best to take a homeopathic test to determine the vitamins that you need. This will avoid a dangerous overdose. Then you can take the vitamins you need individually, as needed, and avoid a multi-vitamin, which is chockfull of fillers. This method will save you money, too.

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