Homeopathy is defined as an organic system of medicine that is based on three main ideas:

  1. Like cures like

  2. Minimal dosing

  3. One time remedies

Alternative medicine traditionally has the least amount of “active” ingredient possible, with the concept of using one single remedy irregardless of how many symptoms are presenting. Homeopathy focuses on the least amount of treatments for better health.

There are several reasons why homeopathy is the second most popular form of medicine (after conventional medicine). The most popular reasons are:

  • It is extremely natural and safe

  • The results are permanent

  • It is effective

  • You can take most homeopathic medicines along with conventional medicine without side effects

  • It is non-addictive

Homeopathy is a precise science, which is why it sometimes takes longer to find exactly the right medicine for your illness. Alternative medicine spends time asking questions about symptoms and the root cause of the illness in an effort to make a clear diagnosis for the problem, and treat it effectively.

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